Chan’s Bookkeeping and Tax: Branding, Website Design, Website Development, Website Hosting

What we did for them: Small Business Branding, Small Business Website Design & Website Development, Website Hosting

Industry: Service Based Business 

Chan’s Bookkeeping & Tax offers bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation services in Summerville, SC. We redesigned their website and designed a new logo for them. When helping Chan’s with their branding, we made sure to keep a balance between making the brand very clean and straightforward while still keeping it distinctive and interesting. 

It was important to keep the design clean and straightforward because we wanted it to be a soothing, inviting, user-friendly website. We focused on the design imparting calming feelings and not being busy or overwhelming because taxes and payroll tend to be topics that stress people out. At the same time, we wanted to make sure to keep the design colorful, inviting, and recognizable to distinguish Chan’s Bookkeeping & Tax and engage website visitors.  

Another aspect unique to designing Chan’s Bookkeeping & Tax’s website and brand was keeping the client in mind while also keeping their clients in mind. We wanted to be sure to appeal to the client’s tastes as well as their client’s taste, so we needed to make sure to strike a balance between a more delicate, feminine appeal, and a stronger, bolder, more professional look. 

The biggest focus in designing this brand and website was taking a strict, straightforward subject like taxes and bookkeeping and making it compelling and visually appealing. We wanted to make it exciting, more than just text on a page, so we utilized different design elements so the eye will be naturally drawn to moving down the page.

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Driver Error for ZettaGuard USB 2.0 UGA

We ran into an issue when installing the Drivers for the USB 2.0 UGA from ZettaGuard. The small disc could not be read on the computer we were installing it on. We tried to download it from the ZettGuard website but it would load with an error message.

Googled USB 2.0 UGA and found a driver on Downloaded and installed the driver, the monitor connected and worked great. We added the link related to the driver location below.

Picture of zettaguard 2.0 driver

Network Accounts Are Unavailable – High Sierra, AD, and Open Directory

You will still need local and Active Directory administrator account or a local Apple Administrator account if using Open Directory. Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups

  1. Press Login Options > Unlock > Press Edit near Network Account Server > Open Directory Utility > Unlock > Select Active Directory and press “Edit settings for the selected service” button at the bottom > Unbind > Enter Active Directory administrator credentials and finish the unbinding process
  2. Close Directory Utility and reboot the computer
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2
  4. Press Join near Network Account Server
  5. Enter your domain ( and Active Directory administrator credentials.

Assuming your AD account is not entirely network account (created on your local system and you can use it without network access) you should also set settings in 8-10 steps.

  1. Optional Step – Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups
  2. Optional Step – Login Options > Unlock > Press Edit on Network Account Server > Open Directory Utility > Unlock > Select Active Directory and press “Edit settings for the selected service” button at the bottom
  3. Optional Step – Press Show more > Check “Create mobile login at login” > Uncheck “Require confirmation before creating a mobile account”
  4. Log out (may need another reboot)
  5. Login with network account by selecting the user from the list or using your name on password (depends on “Display login windows as” setting)

Download QuickBooks 2009 with Update R14 embedded

To get around the dreaded update error, you can download the file with the embedded update below:


We can install your QuickBooks 2009 with the R14 update. Here’s the direct link installer for QuickBooks 2009 (Note – the file will begin downloading once you click the link):

To find updates for older versions of QuickBooks, including the R14 update, visit the Qtools website.

Quickbooks manual updates for older versions

Are you struggling to find updates for older versions of QuickBooks? We found this site which has links to QuickBooks updates for outdated versions.  If your QuickBooks is experiencing a 12009 error and you know you’re connected to the internet, try manually updating your QuickBooks.

QTools QuickBooks Update Page

File Stuck in Outbox – Work Offline Mode didn’t fix – RESOLVED

Recently we had a client who experienced a stuck file in the Outbox.  It was about 76MB and no way it would send.  She also had Outlook 2007 without the ribbon up top.  Using the regular “Work Offline” mode didn’t free up the file.  It still had the file is being sent message.  I was able to clear it up by doing the following.

1.  Make sure Outlook is in “Work Offline” mode

2.  Hit Send/Receive

3.  Before the operation finishes, cancel the send/receive in either the popup window for send/receive or the bottom bar.

After I cancelled the send/receive, it made the file free and I was able to delete it.

Hope this helps!

Mac AdwareMedic (Now Malwarebytes)

What Does Mac AdwareMedic (Malwarebytes) Do?

Mac AdwareMedic (now Malwarebytes) moves all known adware from your Mac. It is very simple to use and should clean up your system in less than a minute, from start to finish. Just open the app, click the Scan for Adware button, and remove anything that is detected. That’s it!

If AdwareMedic (Malwarebytes) doesn’t solve your problem, it includes the ability to take a system snapshot that can help find possible sources for the problem. This both helps you get rid of the adware and helps others by improving the app!

AdwareMedic (Malwarebytes) will not install anything on your system.

When it is opened, it will connect to to check for and/or download the latest adware “signatures” (a small text file that tells AdwareMedic how to identify adware components).

For more information, visit the Malwarebytes website.

Steps to Creating a Search Engine Friendly Article

Writing a Search Engine Friendly (SEF) content article

Pick 2-3 main keywords and 4-7 supporting keywords

Keyword help sites:

Google’s Keyword Planner:

Keyword Tool

Main Keywords:

  • Are in the Meta Title
  • Are in the Meta Description
  • Are in the Page (H1) Title
  • Are in the first sentence of the first paragraph
  • Repeated twice in the article afterwords
  • can be linkable to the main article or similar articles and websites

Supporting Keywords are:

  • not the main keyword but help explain the main keyword
  • are synonyms to the main keywords
  • can be linkable to other pages in the website or other external websites related to the subject
  • can be linkable to advertising

Write your meta information first:

  • Meta Title, no more than 55 characters
  • Meta Description, no more than 155 characters
  • Page Title, no more than 55 characters 
    **Note the page title should not say welcome or home or generic phrases

Free program to count your words:

Articles should be 400-600 or 1100 to 1300 words -1300 is optimal for Google

  • All of your content should be 100% original and not copied from other sources.  
  • Possibly include a bulleted or un-bulleted list
  • Include a picture related to the topic
    **Note, rename the filename of your image to reflect the keyword.
    **Note, link your image to your website.
  • Can include a video of the topic 
    **Note, the video will be viewed before the article is read most of the time.