Blogging & Content Writing

You may have an idea of how crucial SEO (search engine optimization) is when it comes to making sure your business shows up when people search for the services you offer. But did you know how important content is for SEO? 

There are several constantly-evolving factors involved in SEO. As of June 2019, over 90% of the searches performed on the Internet are done through Google—a staggering number which means people often focus on Google’s algorithm when it comes to SEO. 

Content is a major factor in search engine rankings, so much so that it goes hand-in-hand with SEO rather than standing apart from it. Content affects SEO in several different ways. 

Content and SEO

Content needs to be relevant, so you need to 1) know what your customers are searching for and 2) produce quality content on a regular basis to remain useful. 

You can optimize the content on your static pages, but unless you’re adding new pages or updating content frequently, you’re not going to be utilizing content to its full potential. Blogging is an excellent remedy. 

Blogging is a great way to make use of the SEO power of content while also providing value to your website visitors. We offer professional blogging services which can help you keep up. 

We research the best keywords so you can show up for what your customers are searching for, when they’re searching for it. We also post regularly, which targets another aspect of SEO through content: the presence and regularity of new content.

Blogging is also a great way to augment your reputation. Are you more likely to see someone as an expert if you visit their site and find sparse information, or if you visit and see a robust blog filled with interesting posts relevant to the industry? 

We’ll make sure your blogs are relevant, well-written, and of good quality, which is important for SEO but also for user experience. We know you’re busy. Let us focus on improving your SEO through blogging so you can focus on your business. 

Content also provides your website with a way to gain crucial backlinks which in turn boost your rankings. It’s a complicated concept, but basically, if Google sees your site is connected to plenty of other valuable sites, it will infer your website is also valuable, which means it is more likely to consider your website worth showing in search results. 

However, as with any other SEO practice, there needs to be a strategy behind it, or you could end up hurting yourself more than you boost yourself. 

Since white hat SEO informs our philosophy, we don’t consider content as merely a vehicle to boost rankings, though. Rankings are of course important, but what’s most important is providing content relevant to the user. 

Content is an opportunity to introduce hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people to your business and your services. It’s a way to showcase your unique personality and to give potential customers insight into your business, and it has persuasive power beyond what your content means on a literal level.

Think about it—beyond SEO value, are you more liable to trust a business whose website has lots of great information about itself on its website, or little more than a few bland sentences?