Business Listings Management

For an added SEO boost, we offer a Business Listing Management service which helps manage your digital presence.

What does digital presence mean? It includes your website, social media profiles, online directory listings, organic search rankings, and customer reviews. In an increasingly digital world where more and more people are coming to the Internet to find information, digital presence is crucial to your business.

Our Business Listing Service Management service gives us the ability to help you manage all of your listings from one place. It gives us the ability to correct, update, and enhance the information featured with your listings, even if you didn’t realize it was incorrect in the first place.

If there are duplicate listings of old locations of your business, we can make sure they get taken care of too—no need to try to remember what email you made your Yelp listing with 8 years ago.

We can also make sure your business is on all the relevant online directories so the people who are searching can easily find you. The major directories can seem easy enough to remember, but the system we use has access to many industry-specific, niche directories your business could benefit from being on.

It’s important to have the correct information in your online listings for several reasons. For one, having conflicting information in different listings can hurt your SEO. What’s more is potential customers find it frustrating when information is not correct, which can easily send them right to your competitors.

You want to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find your business online and find the information they need. Our Business Listing Management Services help us to help you make it easy for them.