How to solve issues connecting to SharePoint on the Microsoft Edge browser

Written By: Ian Britten and  Tibby Fielding 

There is an issue with Microsoft Edge and Java if you are using a later version of both.  This problem can cause SharePoint to show an error that says “Undefined global this,” which means it cannot reach the website. If the browser does not have the right versions of Microsoft Edge and Java to reach a website, it will not connect and it will produce an error message. 

To fix this issue:

Download the latest version of Microsoft Edge. You do not need to uninstall anything; Microsoft Edge will reinstall over the older version

  1. Click this link to update Microsoft Edge:
  2. Choose your OS from the drop-down menu
  3. Next, download the latest version of Java. You do not need to uninstall anything; Java will update to the latest version. 
  4. Click this link to install the latest version of Java:
  5. Choose the green “Download Java” button

This fix should cure any roadblocks accessing SharePoint through Microsoft Edge.  



Java Update Fails with Error Code 1603

We have discovered a high likelihood that Java updates installing Java 8 over Java 7 will fail with error code 1603.  After running the Java updater on 5 computers, the Java updater failed with error code 1603 on 4 of those computers and completed successfully on the remaining 1 computer.  The error persists when taking the following approaches:

1. Running the Java updater on a system with a previously installed version of Java, and
2. Manually downloading and attempting to install Java 8 from the website, and
3. Manually removing all previous versions of Java and then following step 2.

Again, of the 5 computers that were tested, the Java installer failed on 4 of them and succeeded on 1 of them.

According to, the developers are aware of the issue and are still working to determine its cause.  We suspect they will have the issue fixed in an upcoming patch release.  Here is the report from

According to the report, this error effects the following versions of Windows:

– Windows 7

– Windows 8

– Windows Vista

– Windows XP

and the following versions of Java:

– Java 7

– Java 8

The article states the following as the cause:

“These errors, seen during the installation process, indicate that an installation did not complete. The root causes of these errors are under investigation.”

Again, we expect a future patch release of Java to fix this issue, but it is good to be aware that this issue exists and that it is being worked on.