Hey everyone,

We found an issue with QuickBooks Pro or Enterprise running on a Domain controller and have found a fix for us.

After scouring the web for information, we couldn’t find a solution that was easy and worked repeatedly.  The problem is the QB Database service conflicts the DNS Server service which is required to run active directory in a single server environment.

Typically a quick fix was to stop the DNS Server service, then start the QuickBooksDB service. Ultimately, to fix the issue, change the QuickBooks service “Log On” from “./QBDataServicesUser” to “Local System” and check Allow service to interact with desktop. Once you have done this, it should start without issue.  Hope it works for you!

Here is how we fixed it:

The client was unable to open QuickBooks in multi-user mode on local pc from the database on the server, logged into their server and found the Quickbooks Database Server Manager was not running.

When I clicked the “start scan” button it said it could not start the services QuickBooksDB. So I logged into the services manager and tried to start the QuickBooksDB27 service manually. It would start but turn off immediately. This was the third version installed on the PC; the first version was QuickBooks 2015, then QuickBooks 2016, then QuickBooks 2017.

QuickBooksDB25 was “Log on as” .\QBDataServiceUser25, then QuickBooks 16 was “Log on” as Local System account, QuickBooks 2017 went back to “Log on” as ./QBDataServeicesUser27.

Since the QBDBMgrN.exe is looking for permission to from QuickBooksDB27 to start and the service would not start because it was using the same ports as DNS, I changed the “Log On” from “This account” to “Local System account” and checked “Allow service to interact with desktop,” clicked apply then OK.

Then, I went back to services on QuickBooksDB27, clicked “start the service” and the services started right up. I went back to the QuickBooks Database Server Manager and clicked the “start scan” button. This time it scanned the files and started the Quickbooks Database Server Manager and the user was able to log into QuickBooks on a local machine and switch to Multi-User Mode.

This is the second client I’ve had to do this for and it has worked without any more issues.