Cloud Email Setup & Migrations

What is email hosting?

Free email services work well enough for personal use, but when you are a small or medium sized business and find you have a high level of email traffic or want to use your own domain name to distinguish yourself more, you may find yourself looking for a better solution. 

Like cloud hosting, email hosting can benefit you through better security, scalability, and increased storage space. You’ll also enjoy features more specific to emails like spam protection which helps ensure your emails are finding their way into your recipients’ inboxes. 

We can help you when it comes to making the switch from an in-house email to a hosted email. We’ll make sure your new email gets set up properly and we will also ensure your email migration goes smoothly. 

Microsoft Exchange / 365 Setup/Migrations

Migrating email from Exchange (on-premises) to Office 365 (in the cloud) would seem to be a pretty simple and straightforward process, and when you know what you are doing, it is a methodical process. 

We have been doing Office 365 migrations for a few years now. It’s amazing the number of times we get called in to “fix something” another migration specialist did which has us shaking our heads wondering what they were thinking.

When done right, an Office 365 Migration is like any other migration. There’s a planning phase, prerequisites to be configured, quirks to be worked out, and then ultimately the act of actually selecting mailboxes and migrating users to Office 365.

Office 365 Migrations are not simple cookie cutter processes where someone can just “wing-it” over a weekend. To do it right, you need someone with deep-rooted expertise in Exchange, Office 365, archives, security, DNS, storage, firewalls, proxies, networking, Autodiscover, Active Directory, AD FS, DirSync, PowerShell, client app packaging, pushing out policies to endpoint clients, mobile device management expertise, and ActiveSync policies expertise.

Google Apps Setup/Migrations

ADVYON has partnered with Google to provide Google Apps and Google Apps integrations for many of our clients. Google Apps allows you to synchronize your email, calendars, and contacts across multiple devices. 

We can also help integrate many of the most popular software with your Google Apps and migrate your existing email, contacts, and calendars with your Google Apps account.