Corporate Training

Lets face it, technology changes fast, really fast, and not all of us have the time to keep up with it daily.  With Advyon Corporate training services, we help businesses keep up to date on the lastest technology.  Our customized training programs are able to help you or your employees work more effeciently and understand all of the hardware and software they use.  Many times in small businesses we upgrade our technology or software and leave our employees to fend for themselves to learn the nuances of the new programs and proceedures.  When this happens, often employees feel left out, overwhelmed, and underappreciated.  Our training ensures that your employees will be happy, productive, and appreciative.

What do we do?

Advyon makes customized training packages based off of your companies specific training needs.  Since we understand your business, we can train on the software and hardware as well as how it applies to your business.   We are able train you or your employees in many different ways.  We offer tutorials, webinars, training seminars, custom made power point lessons, or just one on one training with you and a staff member.

What is your process?

We meet with you to discuss your education goals.  We create a custom plan for training based off of your individual needs and  then give you a preview.  ADVYON then gives the best training experience possible this side of the Milky Way.   After every training session, we always give surveys to ensure our training was effective in meeting all of our goals.

What Do You Train?

Below are some of the training projects we have done in the past.  If you do not see the course you are looking for, remember, these were custom made for our clients needs.  Yours may differ, but we can provide an excellent training experience to you.

  • Helped bank employees use the Microsoft Office Suite with multiple Power Point presentations
  • Helped a local law firm train its staff when they rolled out a new Citrix installation with Windows 7, Microsoft Office, and other propritary software
  • We trained a local business on how to SEO their website
  • We trained a local ambulance company on new medical software
  • We trained a local bakery on how to update their website
  • Created and presented a PowerPoint presentation on “What Technology a Small Business Needs to be Successful” and presented it to SCORE mentors for the SBA in Charleston and Summerville, SC.

If you would like to have ADVYON create a custom training program for you,
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