Network Management and Monitoring

ADVYON can provide you with security and peace of mind with our network management and monitoring services. We offer an Umbrella Plan covering a wide range of important services, from periodic updates and backups to ongoing monitoring and an easy-to-use ticketing system for when you need us to look into something. 

Our network management and monitoring offers a proactive approach for optimal network performance.

ADVYON’s Umbrella Plan is a network maintenance agreement. Our maintenance agreements have no contracts to sign; if there is ever a disconnection request, we simply request a 30 days notice. Most businesses enjoy the pro-active approach and budgeting ability The Umbrella Plan gives. We also provide exemplary customer service which makes our clients stick like glue.

Our Umbrella Plan includes the following network management and monitoring services for a set monthly fee:

  • Enterprise Class Anti-Virus with instant notifications
  • DNS Content Filtering – stops viruses and adware before it even hits the network and computer
  • Phone Support 8am-6pm, Off Hours Emergency Monitoring
  • Unlimited Remote Maintenance
  • Unlimited On-Site Maintenance
  • Monthly Updates on all of the covered PCs or Macs
  • Monthly Updates on the server
  • On-Site Backup checked at least once a month
  • Off-Site Backup checked daily
  • The ability to share remote access with laptop or desktops
  • Enterprise class ticketing system for lookups of current and past tickets