SEO / SMM / PPC Management

SEO, What Is It?

In short, it is making your site more popular in search engines.  Think of your website as a speck of sand in the desert.  Without showing your audience where to look, it is easy to get swamped by the sea of sand.  ADVYON excels in white hat SEO practices which place your website in the top spots organically on all of the major search engines for your chosen keywords.

SEO is:

  • Optomizing your site so it has the opportunity to rank well, usually in the top 5 organic (non advertisement section) in today’s search engines.
  • Uilizing all available search engine resources to get your site ranked in the top 5 of organic rankings
  • Making use of link building and traffic sharing
  • Maintaining a top 5 position in search engine rankings of the chosen keywords for your pages.

So Why Do I Need It, Is It Worth It?

In today’s world, it is imperitive for every business to have a website.  What this fact means is, you have competition on the web.  LOTS of competition!  Ranking higher in search engines ensures your website will have a leg up on the competition.  Today’s web searchers are lazy.  We all want the right information as fast as possibile, so even if your competition doesn’t do something as well as you do, if they do something similar and are ahead of you in the search rankings, it is possible that your site gets missed all together.  Your potential customers will miss the boat entirely, and your site will not be as successful as it could be.

Here are some benefits of having a good SEO campaign and being first.

  • Capture more market share
  • Establishes your company as the “Go To” in your industry
  • Lets you set the standard for your products, prices, and services for your market.
  • Increases your bottom line.
  • SEO is the CHEAPEST form of long term proven marketing with the greatest results.

What Can ADVYON do for me in SEO?

SEO takes work… often, hard work. We work with you to optomize your site, page by page, to give it the opportunity to list higher in the search engines.  We use all available web resources to get your website in the top 5 for your keywords.  For those that aren’t familiar with what’s involved in SEO, below is a líst of some of the typical activities that will result in higher search engine rankings.

  • Researching and selecting keywords that are truly relevant to your desired audience for each page;
  • Researching competition for desired keywords;
  • Researching and analyzing competitive websites;
  • Re-writing and restructuring your website to address desired keywords, to be more accessible by search engine “crawlers”, to have appropriate label meta tags, headings, and inter-page links;
  • Create a program to build links to your site from other sites (directories, exchanged links, article marketing, etc.)
  • Create a program to keep content on your site regularly refreshed and synchronized with all the above.
  • List your website on appropriate map pages and local listing engines
  • Regularly monitor all the search engines and your competitors positions

What SEO Services Does ADVYON Provide?

We are flexible here, and like to offer our clients several options to help with your website.  We offer everything from SEO Consulting and SEO Training, to full blown out national SEO Campaigns.  Call us or e-mail us for a quote.  You will be happy you did.  We also have several clients who would be happy to give testimonials about our services and their information is available on request.

Social Media Management

Today’s small businesses are bombarded with things to do, and something new to keep up with is Social Media Marketing.  Social Media Marketing is something successful businesses do well.  Keeping positive relationships with your existing clientele and creating new personal relationships has always been a cornerstone of a successful business.  Today successful companies have to be able to do that in the real world and the online world.  ADVYON can help you manage your relationships and make new friends online.  Contact ADVYON today to get setup with your personalized social media marketing plan!

What Is Social Media Marketing?  

Social Media is any online marketing that tries to create a personal relationship with an individual or group.  Most companies see this as only the social media companiesfacebook, twitter, linked-in, Google+, etc.  ADVYON views social media marketing as more, much more.  ADVYON’s social media marketing experts work with all mediums of the web including e-mail marketing campaigns, review creation campaigns, social website integrations and much more.  Our customized plans help companies be more successful in communicating their message over the web to their existing clients and make new ones in the new world of Social Media.

What Do We Do?

ADVYON is experienced in working with social media platforms to increase your fanbase and get people talking about your business.  Our customized plans include a combination of multiple areas of the web so we can saturate your target market.  We are versed in working with the following areas.