2022 Hurricane Checklist and Shopping List

Hurricane season is fast approaching. When facing a storm like a hurricane, preparation is key to mitigating losses and downtime for your business. We’ve compiled a list below of best practices to protect your network from wind, water, and the worst!

Having this checklist is crucial to ensure the proper safety procedures are taken and in place when a storm is coming your way. Along with our checklist, we have a shopping list for top items needed to prepare for Hurricane season. 2022 is predicted to be a year of heavy storms, so planning ahead is critical.

On June 1st- 3rd, 2022 ADVYON will be running a Hurricane drill. What does this mean for our customers? This means as we prepare and practice these drills, your business may receive a call from us to confirm backups are up-to-date, and preparations are in place, just like we would in an actual hurricane storm. During these drill days, we will be answering emergency-only tickets and calls.

Clear Plastic:

First Aid Kit:

Tactical Flashlights:

Clean Release Tape:

Hand Sanitizer for Cleanup:

Solar Power Portable Charger:

Weatherproof Storage Totes:

Gloves for Cleanup:

AAA Batteries:

AA Batteries:

Battery Powered Radio:

Clorox Wipes for Cleanup:

Trash Bags for Cleanup:

Three Ring Binder:

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