Branding & Logo Design

ADVYON can work with you to create or expand your business brand. Whether it’s through designing a brand new website, designing a new logo, or helping modify and strengthen your existing brand, we have a team of talented creatives excited to work with you. Our graphic designers have many years of experience working with all kinds of different clients, meaning we will be able to adapt to your needs, no matter how specialized they are.

Why is Branding Important?

Having a well-designed logo and brand is vital to your business.

Logo is part of your business’ brand, whereas brand is the entire package; colors, typefaces, voice, style, the way things are applied in marketing materials and on the website. It’s what makes you stand out from your competitors.

So why do you need to have a nice logo? What’s the purpose of investing in a well designed, creative, logo when technically, you can just make something quickly in Word?

Would you want something that looks cheap to represent your company? Your logo is like the outfit you’re wearing to an interview. You might be the best fit, you might have all the credentials, you might be well spoken, but if you go into the interview wearing pajamas, you’re probably not going to get hired. Your logo is like the outfit your business wears: it gives an immediate first impression.

Imagine you’re going to the grocery store and you’re looking to get a bag of chips. There’s one bag of chips whose design is blank, boring, and resembles store brand, and there’s another bag that is well-branded and has a unique design that makes it stand out. If both are the same price, which one are you going to pick?

The nice looking well branded one. You don’t know about the contents inside—if you’re just judging based off of the exterior and the price is the same, you’re going to get the well branded one.

Another way to look at it: Imagine you’re a construction worker. You run into someone on the street. You talk to them and introduce yourself as a general contractor, and give them your business card. All they have to remember you by is that business card. They don’t know anything about your services yet. They don’t know anything about how well you perform. All they have is that visual representation of you. If they meet another general contractor that has a better designed business card and brand applied, all they have to go off is how well you are represented. If you have a strong brand and logo, it can help give you a leg up. If not, it can harm your chances.

What Our Branding Development Services Are Like

Our process starts with a brand development meeting where we will sit down with you and talk about your company, the services you offer, the work you do, what your clients are like, and what your expectations are. In the branding meeting we learn more about you as a person, your preferences, style choices, and other subtle cues as to what you will like when it comes to a finished product.

After having an initial meeting with you, the client, we then have internal design meetings. During internal design meetings, we research your competition. We look at their design, what their services are, and what their marketing strategies look like. We research your current brand and digital representation—what you look like on the web, out in the public eye. We research your clients and target market.

After our research, we carefully consider all the information we gathered and come up with a brand crafted to work best equally between what your company is, who your competitors are, who your target market is, and what your personal preferences and business goals are. We strive to deliver a brand that includes all four elements in a balanced manner.

Are you ready to work with us on your brand development, logo design, and marketing materials? Contact us today and let us bring your company to the next level!