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Charleston Roofing and Exteriors: Content Writing and Website Design

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What We Did For Them: Content Writing, Website Design

Industry: Roofing

Content Writing:

The Charleston Roofing and Exteriors website was an ambitious project. The finished site has 117 pages, most of which were written from scratch by our content writer. The writing process began with a simple outline of every topic we needed to cover. The website covers general topics like roofing, windows, and gutters then breaks each down into more detailed subjects like roof types, window styles, and gutter guard services.

The whole site was written to be extremely search engine friendly while also explaining the roofing process. To ensure that the site would appeal to search engines, we started the content writing process by doing keyword research and taking notes of the most important words and phrases to include throughout the site. We then began to write content that would explain all services to the customers.


To begin the process of designing the website, we started from an existing logo and brand. The Charleston Roofing and Exteriors logo featured blue and green colors which we used throughout the site. We added additional colors including lighter versions of both colors and a rustic blue and soft darker blue for larger sections of the site. We used the green color from the logo only as an accent color to draw more attention to the important calls to action. For the headline, we incorporated blue with an accent of green.

Our main call to action was the quote form. We wanted to get as many people as possible to fill out the form to help the owner funnel in leads. We made the form easy to fill out and submit. The user can fill out a form in two ways: a quick, easy form on the home page or on the “contact us” page.

For the menu, we had to figure out the best way to incorporate the over 100 pages of the site. We designed the drop down menus so that when users hover over the title for each page, they can see the featured image. These hover effects and graphic changes help keep the user interested in the content of each page and create an added wow factor. We have a large “get a free quote” button to continue to lead customers to filling out the quote form.

The sticky menu is the same as the menu at the top of the site so that as the user scrolls down through the site, they can still easily navigate through the different sections of the website. This keeps the text-heavy pages organized and easy to work through. 

We created a rotating section with the three main services: roofing, windows and gutters. These services section display above the fold. The animated feature is subtle, but draws the eye and encourages user interaction.

We were sure to build a prominent section to showcase reviews from customers. Roofing is a service-based business, so reviews are especially important. Customers are more likely to hire a service provider based on what other users think.

Internal pages:

One of our favorite internal pages is the window styles pages. For a secondary level of user friendliness, we added a menu just for this page. Every type of window Charleston Roofing and Exteriors offers is listed in the top menu so that each can be accessed quickly. Each section has an illustration and a description of each.

For each internal page, we organized the information in a way that made it digestible for the customer. For the “about us” page, we broke up each section with larger headings and roofing.

For the “insurance claims” page, we included a chart to explain how each step of the process works.

Making the information on each page easy to follow for our customers was one of our priorities when creating the site.

Final Thoughts:

The Charleston Roofing and Exteriors website was an ambitious project for our team! From writing the 117 pages to figuring out the best way to display them in our menu to incorporating an existing brand in an updated way, we feel that we were able to help this client better display information for their business. We made it easy for people to get a quote, which has been a valuable tool to funnel in more leads. The hover effects and thoughtful integration of pictures, charts, and other opportunities for customers to engage with the site help maximize the time users spend on the site and keep them interested. We are very proud of the way this site came together and continue to work with the client to create additional marketing materials for his business.