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    Business Type:

    Are there any specific compliance standards or regulations that play a significant role in your industry? (HIPAA, FINRA, CMMC, FTC, etc)

    How can Advyon help you today?

    Technical Point of Contact:(Approving any IT or purchases)

    Best way to contact you?

    Are these VoIP phones?

    What proprietary software and/or equipment do you use daily? (Quickbooks, Sage, Cleo, etc)

    Do you have a door security or managed camera system?

    Do you have remote VPN users?

    Do you have a credit card processing machine in your office?

    Do you store any financial data, medical data, information with SS numbers listed for your customers?

    Do you currently have an IT company, and do they manage your network?

    Are you currently under a contract with any of your current Vendors? (ISP, phone, email, etc)