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Welcome to the Internet & IT Support page for the Harbor Entrepreneur Center.
Creating Collision Among Entrepreneurs.

For more information about the Harbor Entrepreneur Center, the Harbor Accelerator Program, or the JRS Coding School, please visit https://harborec.com/ for more information.

If you have any questions or need support with the internet or network at HEC, please fill out our support form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you have questions about your network and security?

    Network FAQs

    Yes, the HEC provides shared internet access to leasees.
    Please Note*. The Guest internet access has limited bandwidth, and the devices are isolated. So if you are on the guest network, you cannot do things like add network printers or share network files. Members of the guest network cannot see the private shared internet access.

    Please contact Kim McManus for the shared network password. She can be reached at her e-mail address kim@harborec.com. The shared internet password is only given to authorized personnel and should have been given to you with your welcome package. If you have any issues, please fill out the support form and we will be happy to help you connect to the network.

    Yes, the HEC provides guest internet access. The network name is HEC-Guest and the password is WelcomeAboard.

    Yes, the internet access provided by the HEC is secured with a modern firewall, including IDS/IPS scanning, Internal Threat Scanner, Content Filtering, and more. Your internet is protected from the outside world. However, you can see other computers and network devices on the shared internet as it is considered one large network.  You should consider this internet access Public Wi-Fi.

    No, the network is not compliant for these security standards.

    Although the network shares many of the security features of a compliant network with the outside world, because you are on a shared network with other businesses, you should not consider yourself compliant to share sensitive information while on the shared network. If you need to share sensitive information like account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, or PI, you should request a private network.

    Yes, the shared internet access at HEC is monitored. Some categories, such as porn or warez sites, are blocked for the shared security of all. If you have a domain you need to have whitelisted, please fill out a support form with the URL and a use case and we will be happy to assist with unblocking the domain. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on what is monitored or blocked.

    Protip* Name your devices, including printers, phones, or any internet-connected device, something easy to pick from a group.

    Please Note* Ensure your devices’ usernames and passwords are set up using complicated passwords or your computer sharing settings are turned off so no one with local access may have access to your computer.
    Please Note* Do not share the shared internet wifi password with anyone who is not authorized to use it. Authorized usage would include devices owned by your company which is necessary for the operations of your business and authorized personnel of the company. All other devices, personal devices, vendor devices, non-essential cellular phones, etc., should be joined to the guest network.

    Can I get private internet access for my company?

    Yes, HEC has partnered with ADVYON to manage the network and allow businesses to have a private network on the system. We can create a private network for you and give you a personal SSID (Wireless Name) and password with your own subnet (IP Address Range), making your network private to you.

    There is a one-time cost to create the network and additional network monitoring and reporting is available if you need to maintain compliance.

    Please fill out the form here to Request A Private Network

      Would you like to speak to someone about the network security of the Harbor Entrepreneur Center?*

      Do you need help with your network or security?*

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