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Social Media Marketing Steps for A First-Time Business Owner

3 Min Read

ADVYON was built through lots of hard work and constant effort. We understand the time required to dedicate to a start-up business, so we have created a guide to help you with one of the most important aspects of keeping your business successful: a good social media marketing plan! Once you get a little recognition, the only way to go is up; that is, if you keep a consistent, organized, and simple plan.

Step One: Keep everything organized. 

When you’re starting a new business, it’s imperative that you keep yourself organized. Keeping a to-do list or using a task management system to organize your social media posts is highly recommended. Read this article by Niel Patel which describes why organization is so important, and what you can do to prioritize it. Don’t try to remember everything; write it down, set a reminder, add it to your calendar! Our team uses a spreadsheet to keep track of what we’re going to post, when we’re going to post it, and who will create the content. Use a system that works for you!

Step Two: Stay simple with graphics.

When you scroll through social media, do you focus on each individual aspect of someone’s post? Usually, the answer is no. As you’re posting for your business, keep things simple; think big picture! When using a graphic in your post, keep the colors simple and ensure that all of the information you wish to convey would be communicated thoroughly with a single glance. It’s scientifically proven time and again that the most successful posts are images. Use larger and easy to read fonts for the most important info; if you’re announcing an event, use eye-catching words like “Biggest Event,” “Cash Prizes,” or “Free Food” to get people interested (Check out this article to learn why). Once you have them reading your eye-catching title, you can throw some more information at them to get them convinced that they want to join this event.

When you post on social media, use the same color palette throughout your feed. Humans are visual learners, and there are many subliminal messages through color selection. For example, combining black and white can convey antiquity, wealth, and success (when done correctly)! Color-pick the main colors in your logo or website (if you don’t have either one already, give us a call), and add them to your graphic. There’s plenty of evidence that supports the idea that humans associate colors to different things. When you think of yellow and red together, there might be several different fast food restaurants that come to mind. Use this to your advantage for your business! Consistently use the same colors for all of your marketing.

Step Three: Be consistent. Success favors consistency!

Post on social media most days of the week. ADVYON has found that the best times to post on Facebook for an IT company are Wednesdays between 9 AM and 2 PM. Do your own research on the best times to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, or any other social media for your specific company. People are inundated with so many media posts within a day, so make sure that your post stands out from among the crowd!

Step Four: Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Starting a business is difficult, especially if you’re doing it alone. Thankfully, you don’t have to be alone in this! We’re here to help you: from the small social media posts to completely branding your company, we do it all! We understand that entrepreneurs are always busy with meetings, appointments, financial discussions, and whatever else you’ve put on your to-do list. We know that you’re busy with the in’s-and-out’s of a business, so let us help you by taking care of your marketing needs. Give us a ring at (843) 324-5824 to discuss the future of your business!