Gmail, G Suite Sync, How to update your billing information

Here’s how to update your billing information in Gmail.

1.  Login to Gmail, Click the icon with the 9 dots.  This is located in the top right next to your profile name and picture.

2.  Then click the admin button.  You may have to scroll down.  If you do not see the icon in your list, you may need to ask your e-mail administrator for admin access.

3.  Then you will find the Billing section

How to Change Your Gmail Password in iOS, iPhone and iPad

Have you had to change your Google or Gmail password recently and now your phone doesn’t sync?  Below is how to change the password in your iOS, iPhone or iPad.   I have attached a helpful video to show exactly how to change.  I hope it helps!

1.  Click Settings
2. Scroll down to Accounts & Passwords
3.  Click on your Gmail account
4.  A box will appear for Re-enter Password, click the box
5.  Fill in your password, if you use two-step authentication like a Google Text code, enter there.


How to add a web linked icon to your Gmail signature

Are you struggling with figuring out how to add a web-linked icon to your Gmail signature? Follow the steps below:

  1. To update your signature, go to Mail Settings, then down to signature.  Click the images icon.
  2. Then click “Web Address (URL)
  3. Paste the icons from up above.
  4. Then Highlight the image and click the link icon
  5. Click Change
  6. Type in the address, leave the Text to display blank.