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iPhone users warned over ‘iMessage bug’ that hides important texts

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iMessage bug that hides important texts – update your handset now!

iPhone users are advised to promptly install the most recent iOS update due to a widespread complaint about an “iMessage bug” concealing important texts. Individuals with iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models have reported problems with the Messages app, which only displays recent messages.

Apple’s fresh lineup of iPhone 15 variants hit stores on September 22nd. However, since its release two weeks ago, a significant number of users on MacRumours Forums and Reddit have reported experiencing this issue.

This bug affects all iOS 17 versions up until the initial iOS 17.1 beta. Nevertheless, numerous impacted users state that the problem has been rectified with the release of the second iOS 17.1 beta this week.

After the update installation, it may take a day or more for the device to index and restore the older messages. Conversely, for users not inclined to install the beta version, they will have to wait a few more weeks for the fix. iOS 17.1 is anticipated to be released in late October. According to some iPhone 15 users, there exists an alternate method to bypass the issue. It is suggested that the bug can be resolved by accessing the Settings app.

Within the Settings, navigate to Messages, then tap Siri & Search. Disable all the displayed settings, restart the iPhone, and subsequently re-enable those settings to address the problem. Earlier this week, iPhone users were cautioned about a potential loophole in iOS, which could be exploited by scammers.

An expert has pointed out that criminals might misuse the Live Voicemail feature to pressure individuals into answering. In a different vein, it has come to light that you can now unlock concealed FaceTime functions through hand gestures. While this addition was integrated into the iPhone chat application in mid-September, it has largely escaped the notice of many users.