Mac AdwareMedic (Now Malwarebytes)

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What Does Mac AdwareMedic (Malwarebytes) Do?

Mac AdwareMedic (now Malwarebytes) moves all known adware from your Mac. It is very simple to use and should clean up your system in less than a minute, from start to finish. Just open the app, click the Scan for Adware button, and remove anything that is detected. That’s it!

If AdwareMedic (Malwarebytes) doesn’t solve your problem, it includes the ability to take a system snapshot that can help find possible sources for the problem. This both helps you get rid of the adware and helps others by improving the app!

AdwareMedic (Malwarebytes) will not install anything on your system.

When it is opened, it will connect to to check for and/or download the latest adware “signatures” (a small text file that tells AdwareMedic how to identify adware components).

For more information, visit the Malwarebytes website.