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Missing Web Office 365 Onedrive & Sharepoint Apps

2 Min Read

Are you or your 365 tenants experiencing issues with your Office 365, OneDrive, or Sharepoint app icons not displaying in the top left corner menu of

You can see here how the Sharepoint icon is missing for example for this tenant.

The fix is easy and all it requires is for you to have access to an 365 admin account on your 365 domain account. Login in and navigate to your Sharepoint admin site.

You may have to click show all to get the other admin sites to show.

In the Sharepoint Admin site go to settings then click on classic settings page.

On the Classic settings page the first option Show or Hide App Tiles make sure that both options are set to show. Then scroll to the bottom and click ok. 

It will take around ~10min for this change to reflect.