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Written By: Tamra Dubis and  Tibby Fielding 

QuickBooks customers should receive emails that show when a client processes a payment; However, since the end of July, QuickBooks customers have not been getting payment notification emails.

QuickBooks payment notification emails look like the image below:

Our IT technician dug deep into this issue to find a resolution, yet one is not currently available, and it has been deemed a back-end engineering issue. Take a look below to see all the steps our IT Technician took, including guidance from QuickBooks customer service. Hopefully, this will save you troubleshooting time until the issue is resolved.


  1. ADVYON contacted QuickBooks customer support and they gave the link below to fix this issue:

The article is titled: “Unable to receive Intuit email from QuickBooks Payments”



  1. Our IT tech followed all the steps in this article as shown below:

Step 1: Check Email folders, including spam and junk

Step 2: Add the following email addresses to your contact list

Step 2 did not work, so they tried Step 3.

Step 3­­: Turn off the Sender ID filtering for all Server Hostnames/IP Addresses

Unfortunately, the steps in this article provided by QuickBooks Customer Service did not work.


  1. Next, ADVYON’s IT Technician found another support article after searching “QuickBooks not sending notifications”


This article directs you to log into QuickBooks online account for QuickBooks desktop and make changes to the account settings and alerts. See the image below. ADVYON’s IT technician tried all steps on this QuickBooks support page with no resolution.

4. Next, our IT tech reached out to QuickBooks customer service again, the support representative said they would contact a higher tier of support to find out the issue. Through this exchange, we discovered that this is an ongoing backend issue at QuickBooks. Per the conversation below, the issues should have been resolved with the September 2, 2022 update. While QuickBooks has not updated its website to reflect the issue, the support representative clearly stated that the engineering department will have to fix the issue.


As of September 21, 2022, the issue still has not been resolved.