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Expanding The Table Website Redesign

2 Min Read

Working with Expanding the Table 

Expanding the Table is a local Charleston nonprofit organization that has the strong mission of feeding anyone who is looking for a hot meal. At Advyon, we have a passion for connecting people, and nonprofits are a huge way to do that. 

We knew we wanted to capture their amazing mission and have a simple way to explain how people can support, volunteer, participate, and so much more. 

Using their bright branded colors, and awesome images of their truck, we knew we could organize their website in a way that would not only capture donors but also make it easy for those who follow the truck to know where to go. 

Working with Expanding the Table on their website, and our continued partnership, we have helped this nonprofit organize its first fundraiser, grow its donations, and grow its community relationships by starting sponsorships, and community events.

Our Design & Features

Thinking of the journey of a nonprofit, we structured the layout of the website to follow their needs. Starting with a clear explanation of their mission, we wanted to make sure donors understood the impact of every donation. 

We structured the donation process to display the difference per each hot meal they deliver. Volunteers are a must for each successful nonprofit, so making sure to have an easy explanation of each volunteer position and sign-up was super important. 

Following that with the full calendar of where the truck will be each month, and color coding each of the locations they visit, this is a fun and interactive way for people to know where to find the truck.

With the importance of each sponsor, we knew we needed to showcase big players to this nonprofit’s success right on the home page. 

With all of our abilities at Advyon, we enjoy working closely with nonprofits and helping them communicate their mission to their communities. We are grateful for what this nonprofit does and grateful for the opportunity to be part of such an impactful mission.