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Flowertown Players Website Design

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Working with Flowertown Players 

Anytime we work with a nonprofit, we get excited and can’t wait to bring their mission to the community they are in. Flowertown Players is a theater in the heart of downtown Summerville. They have been part of this community for over 60 years, and continue to work with children and adults in many ways. 

This nonprofit focuses on bringing so much excitement and entertainment to the community, which is why we knew we wanted this to be a fun and colorful website. We wanted to stick with colors and themes that corresponded to the theater itself, but also make sure we captured the fun that comes in and out.

Making sure we made the website easy to navigate was very important, as was making sure to show all of their many abilities. Between their full-stage season, and their workshops, educational classes, and private events, we knew we needed to showcase how they are able to be part of their community in many ways. 

Our Designs and Features 

To make sure that the website was easy to navigate, we wanted to make sure we opened it up with an easy-to-understand menu, as well as the most important information, which is their main stage shows. 

Following the shows, we went into the classes and workshop opportunities and have an easy way to sign up. As a nonprofit, they are always looking for volunteers, so having those opportunities listed, with easy ways to complete the forms, is important, as having donations. We wanted to make sure we also listed the workshops that are coming up, and also how to audition for the many shows they will be having. 

To keep up with what is coming up with Flowertown Players, we wanted to add an easy way to follow the newsletter, and of course, view some of their most recent works in the photo gallery. 

This website was so fun to work on. From working with an amazing nonprofit Board to coming up with fun ways to display their many performances and classes.