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Deco Website Design

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Working with DECO 

DECO is an industry leader in complete demolition, selective demolition, decommissioning, and environmental contracting. They are a fast-growing company that is expanding across the southeast.

Advyon and DECO’s team collaborated closely to design and develop an exceptional website that effectively showcased DECO’s expertise and services. Ensuring we displayed their use of technology and advancement in their processes was important to show how they stand out compared to competitors.

Working closely with DECO, we began our brainstorming and design plan knowing we needed to focus on critical elements of their business: their growth, their employees, and their ability to complete large projects. 

Using their strong logo and colors, we knew we needed to combine that with the elements they work with and showcase their videos and imagery.

Our Design & Features

Advyon offers a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise. By combining our innovative design capabilities with expert programming skills, we deliver tailor-made websites that not only captivate audiences but also seamlessly integrate functionality and user experience.

DECO has used advanced technology in their work to capture the full process of their demolitions so that they are able to present this to their customers. With their video and photograph, we were able to create an amazing and captivating video for their home page.

When designing DECO, we knew we needed to house an area to show the fast growth of the company and its many locations across the southeast. Since DECO has such a focus on their employees and safety, making sure that was front and center and present on almost every page was important. Capturing their key focus for each project, and displaying their continued focus on keeping all staff knowledgeable needed to be designed with elements that they work with daily. 

A simple way to wrap up their home page was to describe how they carried out these initiatives while retaining their key focuses.