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Dorchester Habitat for Humanity: Website Design, Website Development, Website Hosting

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What we did for them: Website Design & Development, Website Hosting, Ongoing Website Maintenance

Industry: Nonprofit

Habitat for Humanity works to provide people with decent, affordable housing. The nonprofit is also dedicated to building strength, stability, and self-reliance in the community. We had been providing IT services with the Dorchester branch of Habitat for Humanity for a while, and when they found they were in need of marketing help, we stepped forward to help them with a website. 

Their current website is a redesign of a website we made for them a few years ago. The original website we developed was still strong and functional, but every few years is a good guideline for getting a new website even if your current site is fine. A lot changes in three years—code programming changes, new plugins and extensions are available to be added, and it’s also a good time to sit down and revisit your business brand itself and think about how you want to present it. 

Additionally, at the time of our redesign, Habitat for Humanity corporate had new brand standards we needed to incorporate in updates on the website. The new brand standards included new logo and brand colors, typefaces, and other design guidelines we had to follow. 

Other than updating to reflect the brand, we wanted to make their website easier to use. Our goal was to make it so visitors coming to the website were easily able to find what they were looking for, whether it’s the Restore, how to donate, scheduling donation pickups, how to volunteer, or how the housing program works. We made it as easy as possible for people to help Habitat for Humanity. 

To achieve the goal of making the website as user-friendly as possible, we included a few new features. 

We wanted a specific ‘call to action’ (CTA) for how people can get involved, and we wanted to have a unique way to display this information rather than just a standard image slider. So, we designed a way to show a lengthy description with a call to action button to learn more about one of the three main ways they could help. The CTA feature is animated to automatically scroll and expose new sections so it’s not too much text all at once, and you can click on each tab individually.

We took great care to make sure each page is very clear while still being engaging. The content answers “what is this page and what should I be doing” while visuals and text are appealing and fit brand standards. The information on the site is arranged in a way that is easily readable and navigable but isn’t just placed in standard, boring, block ways. 

So, for example, you’ll find elements breaking out of their grids and boundaries to catch your eye, but the design remains balanced, structured, and flowing. We designed the website to be bright, friendly, and exciting. The layout is modern but clean, fun, and fresh. It’s intended to get people involved and excited about getting involved. 

One of ADVYON’s goals is to give back a portion of our time and financial rewards to local businesses who do great things in our community. We do a lot of work with nonprofits, and we put a good deal of effort into making it as easy as possible for people to help them. 

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