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Manale Landscaping: Website Design, Website Development, Website Hosting

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What we did for them: Website Design & Development, Website Hosting, Content Writing, Ongoing Website Maintenance

Industry: Service Based Business

Manale Landscaping provides top-notch landscaping services for retail, commercial, municipal, and multi-family communities. 

Their previous landscaping website did not serve their goals very well; their two main focuses were having a portfolio to show off their work and to have an easy way for people to find and apply for jobs. Their old website had neither a portfolio or a careers page. 

When we met with them to talk about their goals for the new landscaping website, they specified they wanted something their salesperson could show to clients and use as a sales tool. When it came to specific details, though, they were less certain of what they wanted. 

Consequently, we had to get creative and do research on successful landscaping companies across the country. We did relevant research on competitors in the Charleston area, but also in other places in the state and country. We then pulled inspiration from successful competitors. 

Manale Landscaping’s old website did not have much information, so our content writer spent time gleaning the details needed. We interviewed the client to learn more about the services they had to offer, the jobs available, what their business is like, and how they wanted to be represented. 

We also did content-specific research, including keyword research for SEO as well as looking into competitors and what they were doing. Once we had the content written for the web pages, we sent it to the client for review so we could be sure we represented them correctly. 

We understand our clients are busy and have their business to manage. In such cases we are more than happy to take over all aspects of website design, which includes the actual content on the website. 

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