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Dorchester Seniors Website Design

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Working with Dorchester Seniors

We were so excited to work with Dorchester Seniors on redesigning their website. We knew we wanted to talk about ways to show off all of the amazing activities they offer, as well as all of the services they offer to seniors in Dorchester County. 

With their two locations and their schedules, we knew we needed to make it easy for everyone to know what location they were looking at, and how they could contact each place as well. 

Dorchester Seniors has a fun and bright newsletter they offer to everyone, and we wanted to incorporate those fun colors, and great information into their website.

Welcoming guests onto the website with bright colors, fun imagery, and an easy-to-navigate menu, we wanted to make sure we showed every visitor we appreciated them with our rolling menu text. 

Our Design & Features

Following that was the mission statement for the nonprofit and its locations. We wanted to have a fun and colorful way to show the two locations, and also have their map and easy-to-find address. 

Our calendar was by far the most exciting portion of the website to create and organize. We organized the different activities with colors, location information, and descriptions of what those activities may be. You can click on each event, and add it to your calendar, or even share it on social media or via email. 

Being able to find, view, and sign up for the monthly meals, as well as donate, and read the monthly newsletter, was also very important, which is why we added these features to every page. This website and partnership will continue to grow with the many fundraiser activities we have been able to help this nonprofit organization, as well as how they are looking to grow their abilities at each of their locations.