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Paragraff Prose Branding & Website Design

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Working with Paragraff Prose 

Jordan has worked with Advyon many times before. She was a news anchor for years when she decided she wanted to help children more with their opportunities and planning for college. After many years of having students go on from high school to college, and then to further their life as adults, Jordan decided to go back to her passion, which is writing. We were so excited to be a part of her new venture and knew we wanted to make this as fun and bright as she is. 

When we started meeting, and coming up with the business name, we wanted to tie in her name, as well as parts of the business. After many brainstorming sessions, we knew we wanted to stick with Paragraff Prose. Paragraff Prose writes your biography for you! She has personal meetings with you, as well as learns about your life and the stories you have to share, so you can share it with your family for years. 

Our designer picked an elegant font and color palette that matched Jordan’s personality. It was like you were meeting her on paper. Knowing we wanted an icon mark, we went back to memorable icons that are commonly seen when writing, or preparing to write. With these elements, we were able to come up with the full branding, as well as a plan for a clear story for her website. 

Our Design & Features

Paragraff Prose is about capturing your memories and sharing them with your family. We knew we wanted the website to show that on every page. Keeping it simple, and beautiful, we wanted to make sure we used all colors from her branding, and add in fun elements like the writing lines, and drawn hands. With her history of being on camera, Jordan was willing to create a video to explain her process, so we could have that on her website as well as a written step-by-step on how she writes your story. 

Consultations are free, so having an easy way to sign up for them and contact her was very important. With someone coming into your life and home to learn about you, we wanted to make sure that everyone was able to know Jordan as well. Having a description on her home page, as well as a full about page with her full history and description available was important for everyone to feel comfortable with the process. 

Keeping the menu clean and simple helped keep the website organized and easy to navigate on a mobile, laptop, or even computer screen.