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South Carolina Lowcountry Website Design

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Working with South Carolina Lowcountry 

Advyon has worked with South Carolina Lowcountry and the Tourism team for years! We have designed and created multiple websites previously, but we knew it was time for an update and to organize their growing website. 

Since they have such beautiful coloring in their logo, as well as the colors that you see and think of when visiting the Lowcountry area of South Carolina, we wanted to use those colors and elements throughout the website. 

Something that was a must when designing and organizing the website was making sure they had an easy-to-follow calendar of events no matter where in the Lowcountry, as well as an easy way to find information about any of the many cities that you can visit in the Lowcountry.

Our Design & Features

Making sure we opened the website with imagery of the gorgeous Lowcountry, and also an organized and easy-to-navigate menu was an obvious decision. 

After capturing the information on the Lowcountry Tourism Office and the history of that building, we followed that with all of the different places you can visit in a fun and interactive way. Each of these pages is organized by different things you can do, shop for, and eat in each of these cities. 


Our big feature was making sure there was an easy way for people to search by the place they will be visiting, things they are looking to do, and dates they will be visiting. This will then pull up all of the events and festivals that are happening during the time they will be visiting that city. The fun colors and icons really bring together this section of the website. 

Following that, are the top blog posts of the most up-to-date things to do, and places to visit in the Lowcountry area. You can learn about different historical places to visit or even cultural activities you can be part of. 

You have the ability to interact with the website, and its social media, you can use the #sclowcountry so the images you capture, can be present on the website. You can then stay up to date with all things by receiving the guidebook or signing up for their newsletters via email. 

Visiting this website will give you the full feeling of being right in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Between the colors, images, and the interactions, this website is a beauty that is well organized and easy to navigate.