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Geodesicx Redesigned Website

2 Min Read

Working with Geodesicx 

After Geodesicx rebranded itself in 2015, the company knew it needed to update its website. Coming to Advyon was the way to go. Geodesicx provides products and solutions for the government’s military and maritime industries. They needed a way to represent their products, services, and who they serve in an easy-to-navigate and understandable way. 

Working with Geodesicx gave us the opportunity to learn about the importance of a Government based website, as well as have an easy way to showcase the products and services they offer to all of the many industries they work with. 

We went brainstorming and knew that customer experience and organization were key to how we set the website apart from others in the industry.

Our Design & Features

Our marketing team created a great video capturing the abilities of Geodesicx, and the industries that use their products and services. We wanted to show how their products can be used in the field, and how easy they are to use. 

The main menu is clean and simple, so it is easy to navigate and find the items and information needed. Geodesicx is all about its core capabilities, and the abilities of the business, so having that listed out for all clients to see helps them understand what they are able to do. 

Under their core capabilities, you are able to view all of their products and services, and how you can contact them to purchase them. You are able to see their top clients’ logos and know that they are serving our government with the best items in order to work and provide the technology needed. 

Stay up to date with their blogs, and when Geodesicx is in the news. There are updated press releases, information on new products, and many more updates, followed by an organized and easy-to-navigate footer to wrap up the website. 

Working with Geodesicx taught our team so much, and also gave us the opportunity to learn more about how we can provide better arrange website for government contractors and service providers.