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Blue Waters Residential and Commercial Pool Maintenance

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Website Design, Content Writing, and Search Engine Optimization

What We Did For Them: Website Design, Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization

Industry: Pool Maintenance Services

The Website: 

Overall Design: When creating the Blue Waters website, we wanted to capture the essence of what pools are all about: having fun. Pat Provost, the late founder of Blue Waters often said, “Nobody goes to the pool to have a bad time.” The goal of Blue Waters is to remove all the stress of keeping up with a pool so that home and business owners can focus on creating a good time for everyone who visits their pools.

Blue Waters wanted to appeal to hardworking homeowners in their design, specifically women who are home caretakers. We were inspired by the 1940’s and 1950’s pinup style images of hardworking housewives. This style is beloved by many of the women who use Blue Waters to maintain their pools and it uses the fun, vibrant colors that we wanted to incorporate into the design. From the images to the font and the colors used on the pages, we made sure that every element of the site had the feeling of a vacation in the 40’s-50’s.

At the top of the home page, we displayed rotating images showing every member of the family enjoying time at the pool. We included teenagers, young children, whole families, and of course, mom enjoying time alone relaxing in her pool. We curated these images to allow customers to see themselves represented in the site, no matter what stage of life.

The main color of the website is blue because it reminds the user of the company’s name– Blue Waters– and reminds them of how inviting a clean, cool, beautiful pool can be. We used both light and dark blues from the company’s logo and used orange to draw the eye to important buttons. Orange is a common color in many of the vintage images we used, is complementary to blue, and is a fun color that reminds the user of a day in the summer sun.

Functional Layout: In addition to making the home page beautiful, we wanted to make it easy to navigate. We believe that a website should be both beautiful and functional, so we were sure to create an understandable overall layout of the website and flow of the home page. The first thing the user sees are the most important actions (leave a review, get a quote), then before and after photos, reviews from other customers, history of the company, a breakdown of residential and commercial pool services offered by the company, job openings, and brands and associations.

The most important things customers typically do on the Blue Waters website are leave a review or look for reviews about the company to read and request a quote, both of which they can easily do by clicking buttons at the top of the page. 

Leaving a review will help Blue Waters grow their reputation for excellent service. Client reviews create social proof. Social proof is created when a new user who doesn’t know about the company gains a level of trust by seeing the successful results the company has provided to others. Reviews are the most reliable way to create social proof, so it was important to feature reviews in several locations on the Blue Waters website. 

Requesting a quote for service is the most common action Blue Waters customers want to complete on the site. We made the process extremely simple to allow customers to quickly get an estimate for their specific project. First, the customer clicks the “request a quote” button at the top, middle, or bottom of the home page. Then, the customer simply takes a picture of their pool and sends it via text or email. Finally, a representative from Blue Waters calls them back to discuss the details of the project and provide an estimate. The entire process can also be completed over the phone. The quote process is designed to adapt to the way of contact that is most comfortable for the customer.

We were able to show potential customers what a difference maintenance from Blue Waters can make by including a before and after slider on the home page. When a user drags the arrow over the image to the left, they can watch the pool transform from full of leaves to clear, clean, and inviting. This image makes it obvious what Blue Waters pool can do for their customers and it is situated right above the featured reviews from previous clients. The combination of the image and reviews creates a strong case for choosing Blue Waters.

Following the image slider, we wanted to create a section describing the history of the Blue Waters company. We included the company’s history as a trusted pool repair and maintenance company in Charleston, South Carolina since 1991 and described some of the major services offered by the company, including pool filters, heaters, pumps, repairs, and remodeling. We ended this section with a “contact us”‘ button to make it easy for the customer to learn more about the company.

At the bottom of the home page, we included a number of brands and associations that Blue Waters works with. When searching for a pool maintenance company, customers often need someone who can work with a specific type of equipment. Rather than searching for “salt chlorine generator maintenance,” they will search for “autopilot salt chlorine generator maintenance.” We wanted to make it easy for these customers to find the specific services they are looking for. 

We also included the certifications held by Blue Waters. They are certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation and by the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance. Seeing these important certifications helps the customer build even more trust.

Finally, we wanted to make sure that the footer (the very bottom of the site) was just as beautiful and functional as the rest. We designed it to mimic the shape of a postcard to remind the user of a 1940’s-1950’s vacation. From the footer, you can still complete the most important actions for the site- you can request a quote or leave a review here, or you can navigate to any of the other pages by simply clicking on the name of the page as listed in the footer. 

From the home page through the rest of the site, we applied the same understandable buttons and vintage design while giving more in depth information about commercial pool services, residential pool services, history of the company, and special offers. 

Content Writing and SEO:

Blue Waters is a family-run business with a long history in Charleston, so we wanted to be sure that we got the content for the website exactly right. We sat down with the current owner of the business to make sure that each line of each paragraph accurately represented the company and highlighted the services she wanted to bring more attention to. We enjoyed working closely with the owner on this project and were glad that we were able to share the story of the company in a meaningful way. 

When writing for this website, it was important to optimize the content to show up on the first page of Google search results for the terms “commercial pool maintenance,” and “residential pool maintenance,” as these are the services on which Blue Waters is focused. We wrote all of our content and performed basic search engine optimization to ensure that this website appears reliably on the first page of results for these key phrases.

Final Thoughts:

The Blue Waters Residential and Commercial Pool Maintenance website was a very enjoyable and rewarding project for our team. It is different not only from the websites of many other pool companies in our area, but also from the previous websites we have created. This site incorporates many visually enticing elements including vintage photos, animated page load effects, and bright colors, all of which reinforce the message that “no one goes to the pool to have a bad time.” We believe that the design we created as well as the user-friendly layout makes the Blue Waters website an enjoyable experience, just like taking a dip in a clean pool on a hot summer’s day!

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