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Carpet Care Services Website Redesign

2 Min Read

Working with Carpet Care Services 

The partnership between Advyon and Carpet Care Services aimed to showcase the full range of services offered by Al and his team. We have had the privilege of working with Al for many years and growing his very well-known businesses through his online presence.

Carpet Care Services has been voted Best of Summerville, Best of Berkeley County, and Charleston Choice for over 14 years now! With all of his years of expertise, we knew we needed to showcase all of the many services he provides throughout the Lowcountry.

Our Design & Features

Once customers land on the website, they are able to fill out an easy-to-use form, so they can get in contact with Carpet Care quickly and with ease. The form and imagery showcase the importance of family to all that work with Al, as well as the importance of making sure the cleaning equipment and materials they use are safe for all pets and family members.

Right on the home page, the 4 main services are listed with the ability to easily access the benefits and specifics of each service that is provided on its own page.

Having the different processes listed for the many services, and how Carpet Care stands out compared to others was important to explain on each of the service pages. 

Like all of our websites, user experience is always the first thing that we focus on. Making sure that the website is easy to navigate, we knew the bright colors and simplicity would really showcase the importance of these services and the hard work that Al and all of Carpet Care can do.

No matter if this website is viewed on a computer or a phone, the design allows for the services and the experience to show through each page. 

The excitement and satisfaction that come from working with service-based clients during website redesigns or designs stem from the shared goal of creating an engaging and impactful digital experience for their customers.