Katie’s Krops Redesigned Website

Join us as we walk through some of the design ideas for the new Katie’s Krops website we just completed.

Katie's Krops Website Redesign

Here at ADVYON, we are very lucky to work with local nonprofits. One nonprofit we have worked with for about 10 years now, is Katie’s Krops.

Katie Stagliano, who was 9 years old at the time and had grown a 40-pound cabbage, founded Katie’s Krops. After giving the cabbage to a nearby soup kitchen and feeding over 270 people with it, she came to the realization that growing more veggies and herbs could enable her to continue to assist others.

We got into the organization and the fun that we could have with this website since we were so eager to work with Katie and her nonprofit. We made the decision to arrange the home page and menu to follow the course of the vegetables in order to ensure that the story was understandable.

Additionally, visit the website to view each page that was created at https://katieskrops.com