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Katie’s Krops Redesigned Website

2 Min Read

Working with Katie’s Krops

Advyon has worked with Katie and Katie’s Krops since the beginning of the nonprofit’s creation. Katie is such an inspiration, and working with her has always been a joy. 

Katie started her journey at a young age and has always had the desire to help others. She has done that by growing fresh fruits and vegetables for her community and providing fresh meals that include those amazing items she has grown. 

We followed the process of her freshly grown goods when creating the brightness and layout of her website. 

With all of her many ways of contributing to the community, we wanted to make the website easy for navigation, on computers and mobile devices, as well as for all ages of volunteers and gardeners. 

Our Design & Features

The home page of the website is designed with fun, bright colors that you would see growing in Katie’s flagship garden, as well as colors used in their outdoor classroom. In order for all website users, regardless of age, to be moved by the joy that Katie shares with so many, we made sure to use amusing icons, graphics, and colors. We organized the home page like garden beds and made sure to follow the needs of the nonprofit, from gardening to education to volunteers, dinners, and staying in touch with all they do. 

In the website menu, we wanted to make sure we kept everything organized and easy to follow. We always enjoy working with nonprofits and watching their growth. Watching Katie grow from a middle schooler to now running a very successful nonprofit that is providing food to her community and educating children about gardening has been one of the most satisfying parts of working with Advyon. 

Join us as we walk through some of the design ideas for the new Katie’s Krops website we just completed.