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Reagin Orthodontics: Web Design, Web Development, Website Hosting, Google Ads, Ongoing Marketing

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What we did for them: Website Design & Website Development, Website Hosting

Industry: Medical

Reagin Orthodontics is an orthodontist’s office with a personality in Summerville, SC. They were a ton of fun to work with; they have a very unique personality and Dr. Reagin himself is really fun and aims to be super warm, inviting, and friendly. 

Even their office has personality—it’s decorated in all kinds of patterns and colors, and their main Summerville location even has a chalkboard wall as a central feature that gets decorated by a local artist. Whenever someone gets their braces off, they get balloons and take a picture with Dr. Reagin in front of a specially decorated wall.

These factors speak volumes about who they are and what kind of environment they offer. We wanted to take the friendly, fun vibe from the office and staff and translate that into their website. They had worked with other people in the past who had only produced cookie-cutter type websites for them, ones that did not reflect their personality at all. 

There were a lot of things for us to work with and it was very easy to pull from that to design and build a website that is not only user-friendly but user engaging—it really pulls you in. We made the functionality work very well with the decorative aspects of the website. 

Some of the custom features we included in their website design were new patient forms, a customized question button, and a feature that redirects people to the FAQ page every time they submit any kind of form. 

The new patient forms are not just forms that patients can print and bring with them; they can fill them out and submit them online. The customized question button lets whoever is checking on Reagin’s side know what page someone was on when they submitted the question, making it easier to answer the question, especially if the question was not specific (i.e. “how much does this cost?” instead of “how much does Invisalign cost?”). 

The slider section is super unique. It has curves and angles that play on each other and features cutouts of their ideal customers. The next section is a video of Dr. Reagin showing the office and showing some happy patients. It’s got an autoplay feature to where if you click to hear audio it starts the video over. The next section shows how the process works. We created an animation in that section that highlights the first step, then second, then third. It’s a cool user engagement feature, something that really draws your eye. 

The next section is an introduction to what pricing is like. It features different examples of patients that would need different kinds of treatments. It also gives a general estimate of what those kinds of corrections would cost, for those who are trying to get an idea of what their own treatment would involve or cost.  

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